Gets "Error" at login

If you try to log on Club Saphe on you're phone and get the message "Error" without a code, there are some things you can try. 

 - Try to log in through your computer. If you can't do that, please contact our support at 42 90 33 11 or

 - If it works, try turning off the mobile network on your phone and only use wifi

If that works, contact your phone provider

 - If it doesn't work, try changing your standard browser on your phone to another

This can usually be done in Settings > Apps > Find the browser you want to use

You should be able to put this browser as standard. This procedure is different from phone to phone, but generally works for Android. 

 - When the browser has been changed, reboot your phone.

 - Try to log in again.

 - If the problem is still there, try checking the time and date is set to automatically update on the phone, and that these are correct (both day, month, year and time). 

If you're still having problems try to Send log file or contact support with informations about what you've tried and most importantly your userID, which you also find when sending a log file.

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