Saphe is showing a gear icon or black screen

Many users can experience that their Saphe Drive Mini and Saphe Drive Pro suddenly shows either a gear icon or black screen and doesn't respond to any clicks. 

Both the gear icon or the black screen can be solved the same way, since they both mean that there is an update stuck on the device. Unfortunately it can happen that an update gets stuck, and you have to force an update through.

You can force the update through by doing the following: 

1. Charge the Saphe for 5-10 minutes

2. While it's still chargning, hold down both the red and blue button for 12-15 seconds

3. Open the Saphe Link App > Menu > Devices

4. Choose the "DFU" under "Other devices" and let it update

5. Keep charging the Saphe for 2-3 hours, since the update emptied it

If the "DFU" doesn't show up under "Other devices", try turning off/on BlueTooth with about 5 seconds apart and try the guide again. 

If it still doesn't show up after this, press the Saphe device under "Paired devices" and choose "Forget this device", then it will automatically show up under "Other devices".

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