Your Saphe Drive can get too hot and it can get too cold. If this happens, an icon will appear on the screen. This icon remains on the screen until your Spahe Drive reaches a comfortable temperature again. While the icon is displayed, you will still be able to get alarms, but are the temperature reaching a critical point, this will also be prevented, to protect your Saphe Drive from damage.


Your Saphe Drive can easily get too hot if it sits in the windshield of the car and the sun is shining. It will display the "overheat" icon at temperatures above 60°C. If this happens often and the traffic alarm is in the windshield or on the dashboard where the sun is hitting, you can remedy the problem a bit by letting the windscreen fans blow with cold air. If this does not work, it may be a good idea to move the traffic alarm to a shaded location, either temporarily or permanently.

If this is a very common problem, it can be advantageous to get a mobile holder that can sit in the car's ventilation and then put the Saphe Drive in it.


When your Saphe Drive is below the freezing point (0 ° C), it will display the "refrigerated" icon and, as with heat, it still make noises when the alarm comes, but this will stop if it reaches a critical point. Be sure to warm up your Saphe if it starts showing this icon. If it sits in the windshield of the car, you can use the windscreen blowers, or you can move it temporarily or permanently to a warmer place - possibly by acquiring a ventable mobile holder and holding a Saphe Drive.