There are no alarms to see on the map

If you don't see any alarms on the map, there may be two reasons why: 

  • Either they are turned off in the app or there are none of the set alarms within a 20 km radius from your current location. 
  • Or the app hasn't been able to connect to our server and has therefore not been able to download the alarms to your phone. 

Check if your alarms are correctly switched on: Turn alarms off in the app.

If the alarms havn't been downloaded on your phone you need to check that the app har internet access.

  • Is mobile data turned off on the phone? 
  • Is Flight mode turned on?
  • Does the phone indicate a connection to a network (E, H, H+, 3G, 4G)?
    • If not, try to:
      • Switch Flight Mode on and off again shortly after
      • Restart the phone
      • If none of this helps, it could be either poor reception in the area or a fault with your network provider.

If all this is in order and your phone has access to internet/data, then make sure that your app has permission to use the mobile network. The way to check this depends on what type of phone you use. On various Android phones it can be an advantage to reinstall the app, as the app itself asks for permission (if you don't know where to find it). If you have an iPhone you can follow the instructions blow. 

For iPhone: Go to Settings > Saphe Link > and check that Mobile data is switched on.

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