With its screen, Saphe Drive has the ability to display which alarms are given, making it suitable for more alarm types than its predecessor Saphe One. This also means that more alarm types can be reported from the Saphe Drive. 

Create alarms

The common alarm types known from Saphe One, namely "mobile camera" and "unknown danger", can be reported as easily as on the predecessor. A "mobile camera" is reported by pressing the left button once. An "unknown danger" is reported by pressing the right button once.

Extra alarms

If you want to report "car on shoulder" you can press and hold the right button for one second and then the expanded menu opens, and by deafult it will choose "car on shoulder". Confirm reporting "car on shoulder" by pressing the center button once. If you press and hold the left button down for one second, the same menu will appear, but the default option will instead be "Queue". Again you confirms this by pressing the center button once. 

In the expanded menu you can scroll between the different alarm types. Once you have found the alarm you want to report, simply press the center button once. If you dont want to report an alarm anyway, you can return to your normal screen by selecting the bent arrow and then press the center button.

Confirm alarms

If you just want to confirm an alarm, wait for you to be near the place where the alarm is relevant, then next to the Speed Control, the car on shoulder, the accident or other, and press the center button once.

Report and confirm only on your own track

Remember when reporting or confirming alarms, only do so on your own track when appropriate. Cars that drives in opposite directions are rarely affected by a car on shoulder on your side and therefore do not need to get an alarms. Alarms are directional, so it is important to report and confirm only when it is in your track that an alarm is relevant.