Here's a brief overview of how to receive alarms on your Saphe Drive Pro, and how to report and confirm alarms to other users.

In the app > menu > Alarms: you can change when you need the alarm - however, this does not apply to permanent alarms such as star boxes.

Especially for Saphe Drive Pro

Saphe Drive Pro gives you:

  • Color screen
  • Option to set the sound given by the alarms. This changes the same place as you change the time for alarms (see above)
  • Option to adjust the volume of the device in general. This changes in the app > menu > Alarms
  • Two color buttons and ease icons

Receive alarms

Alarms will always be displayed with an icon on the Saphe Drive Pro. By default, a sound will also be played along with the alarm.

Icons that one can encounter on a Saphe Drive Pro are these.

Red alarms

Car on shoulder
 School road*

*(Country specific alarms)

Blue alarms

Mobile speed camera
Fixed speed camera
Average speed camera*
Red light camera*

*(Country specific alarms)

Report and confirm alarms

Mobile speed camera
Push the blue buttonPush the blue button
Fixed speed camera
Push and hold the blue button for 2 seconds


Push the red buttonPush the red button
Car on shoulder
Push and hold the red button for 2 secondsPush the red button