Does your Saphe only work when you open the app?

Do you not get any alarms?

Does your Saphe Drive display a GPS pin icon with a dash over it?

These are challenges that are really frustrating when you are driving, but it can be due to a simple setting on the phone, the Location service.

The location service must be set to 'Always'. In addition, with an iOS update, an option has been added which is called 'Precise Location', this must be turned on. This is done as follows:

  • Go to your phone's settings
  • Find the app by scrolling down (it is typically at the bottom)
  • Select 'Location'
  • Select 'Always'
  • Turn on 'Precise Location'

If you are wondering why our app should always have the opportunity to use your location, then read this article about what our app does and why it is important that it has access to it: Why should the app always have access to my location?