Have you recently updated the app and maybe the firmware on your Saphe Drive, and can no longer connect your phone to your Saphe Drive? There may be several reasons for this, but before you panic, there are some options you can try to resolve the problem.

Try the following - if the first step does not work, move on to the next:

  • Go to the app > Tap the menu > Tap devices > Remove your Saphe alarm from the list (on iPhone, swipe left and tap delete; on Android, tap the trash icon) - if it can not be removed, then turn off Bluetooth and try again.
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Restart your Saphe Drive: Hold down the center button for at least 12 seconds (ignore the turn-off screen)
  • Turn on Bluetooth again > Open the app and try to reconnect

If you see, on the list of unknown/other devices, a device named "Saphe Drive DFU" then select it. It only appears when a Saphe Drive does not have a complete firmware update, and therefore additional data is missing. When you connect to it, the app starts updating the firmware again. When it's done, you should be able to connect to your Saphe Drive - if not, please start over with the four steps again.

If it still does not work, then:

  • Reinstall the Saphe Link app - don't open it yet
  • Restart your phone > Try to reconnect -
    - be aware that iPhone restart is a bit special
  • Open the app and try to reconnect

If it still does not connect please contact support.