Saphe One+ is an upgraded model of our first Saphe alarm, the Saphe One, and the saphe one+ has more functions and features than its predecessor.

Download the Saphe Link app

You need to download and install the Saphe Link app on your phone to use your Saphe One+ traffic alarm. You can download the app here:

Turn on the device

You turn on your Saphe One+ by pressing the red button for about 3 seconds until the green light will light and then your Saphe One+ is turned on.

To turn off your Saphe One+ press and hold the red button until the red light goes out (about 3 seconds).

Connect Saphe One+ to your phone

Once the saphel link app is installed on your phone, open it. You will be guided through a brief introduction, where you will be asked to give the app different permissions, which you must do. Then accept our terms and conditions, choose home screen etc. When you reach the end of the introduction, you will be asked if you want to pair the phone with a saphe device. You can simply press yes to this. If you are prompted this question simply click on the menu (3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner)> and click on Devices.

If your Saphe One+ is turned on you should notice that the "Unknown Devices" list says "Saphe One+". Tap on the Saphe One+ name in the unknown device list and your Saphe One+ will connect to your phone and that is it.

Everytime your Saphe One+ properly connects to your phone it gives two short beeps and in the saphe link can see that "Connected" stands next to the device. On the home screen you will be able to see a small icon below the menu icon (the circle with the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner) showing a Saphe One+. This icon also is an indicator that the device is properly connected to your phone.


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