Download the Saphe Link app

First, you need to download and install the Saphe Link app on your phone in order to use your Saphe Drive Mini. You can download the Saphe Link app by clicking here - Download and install the Saphe Link app


When you receive your Saphe Drive Mini, it is off. You must therefore have it turned on. You can see here how to turn on and off a Saphe Drive Mini - Turn off and on a Saphe Drive Mini

Connect the Saphe Drive Mini to your phone

Once the app is installed on your phone and your Saphe Drive Mini is turned on, open the app. You will first be guided through a short introduction, where you will be asked to give the app different permissions, accept our terms, select home screen, etc. When you reach the end of the introduction, you will be asked if you want to pair phone with a Saphe device, you can simply press yes to this. Then connect your Saphe Drive Mini to the phone and you can see here how - How to connect to a Saphe