There may be several reasons why the screen freezes on a Saphe Drive. Basically, it happens that the traffic alarm has become unable to refresh the screen and therefore the same image is constantly shown. It can also happen during a firmware update of the traffic alarm, where the screen shows a large downward arrow and a box under the arrow, this image is constantly seen, it is because the installation of the firmware has not been completed - in which case you can find a solution here: Firmware update fails

In some cases, a frozen screen means that the traffic alarm is completely finished and you should contact Saphe support. Before you do, you can just try a few things to get the traffic alarm refreshed.

Charge your Saphe Drive for 10 minutes

Restart your Saphe Drive by holding down the center button for approximately 12 seconds until the screen turns off and "Saphe Drive" is displayed.

If this is not possible after a short charge, contact support.