How to charge your Saphe Drive

When there are approx one week of battery life left on a Saphe Drive, an icon of a battery that is almost empty will appear on the screen. When there is a day's battery time left, an empty battery will be show on the screen, and then it must be charged.  

You charge the Saphe Drive by plugging it into a UBS charger. It can be from a computer or a regular USB charger, which many phones, tablets and other electrical devices use. You can use the included cable to connect your Saphe Drive to the USB charger, or you can use any other UBS to Micro USB cable.  

When properly charged, there will be an icon on the Saphe Drive screen with a lightning bolt in the center, and when fully charged, the battery on the Saphe Drive screen will be fully charged (if the screen is turned on during charging), and you can take it out of the charger and put it back in the car again.   

NOTE: If you set it to charge in the car, we recommend that you only charge the charger after the car has started, as a high voltage can be created when starting the car, which can damage your Saphe Drive.

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