In what countries does the Saphe work?

With a Saphe you get alarms at fixed speed cameras in 99 countries.

we have over 98.000 cameras in the following countries:

Algeria (DZ)
Guatemala (GT)
Oman (OM)
Andorra (AND)
Honduras (HN)
Panama (PA)
Argentina (RA)
Hong Kong (HK)
Paraguay (PY)
Armenia (ARM)
Hungary (H)
Peru (PE)
Australia (AUS)
Iceland (IS)
Poland (PL)
Austria (A)
India (IND)
Portugal (P)
Azerbaijan (AZ)
Iran (IR)
Qatar (Q)
Bahrain (BRN)
Iraq (IRQ)
Romania (RO)
Belarus (BY)
Ireland (IRL)
Russia (RUS)
Belgium (B)
Israel (IL)
San Marino (RSM)
Belize (BZ)
Italy (I)
Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)
Japan (J)
Serbia (SRB)
Brazil (BR)
Jordan (JOR)
Singapore (SGP)
Bulgaria (BG)
Kazakhstan (KZ)
Slovakia (SK)
Canada (CDN)
Kuwait (KWT)
Slovenia (SLO)
Chile (RCH)
Kyrgyzstan (KS)
South Africa (ZA)
China (RCC)
Laos (LAO)
South Korea (ROK)
Colombia (CO)
Latvia (LV)
Spain (ES)
Croatia (HR)
Lebanon (RL)
Sweden (SE)
Cyprus (CY)
Liechtenstein (LI)
Switzerland (CH)
Czech Republic (CZ)
Lithuania (LT)
Taiwan (RCT)
Denmark (DK)
Luxembourg (L)
Thailand (T)
Ecuador (EC)
Malaysia (MAL)
The Philippines (RP)
Estonia (EST)
Malta (M)
Trinidad and Tobago (TT)
Fiji (FJI)
Mauritius (MS)
Tunisia (TN)
Finland (FI)
Mexico (MEX)
Turkey (TR)
France (FR)
Moldavia (MD)
Mongolia (MGL)
Ukraine (UA)
Georgia (GE)
Morocco (MA)
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Germany (D)
Namibia (NAM)
Uruguay (ROU)
Gibraltar (GBZ)
Netherlands (NL)
Uzbekistan (UZ)
Great Britain (GB)
New Zealand (NZ)
Zambia (Z)
Greece (GR)
Norway (NO)
Zimbabwe (ZW)

Germany: In 2015, there was a case in the state of Lower Saxony where a person was convicted of using a app there gives warnings about speed cameras. This must be seen in the light of the fact that over 5 mill. Germans use an app to warn about speed cameras.

It is not legal to warn about speed checks in Cyprus, Macedonia, Switzerland and Turkey.

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