My Saphe One and Saphe One+ does not make a sound, but flashes at alarm

If your Saphe doesn't give a sound, it can be defect - but you can also be lucky that there is a quick solution to the problem.


If your Saphe doesn't give any sound, you can test it, to see if the connection between the Saphe and your phone is good and if there actually can come sound out of the device.

You do it the following way: 

Connect your Saphe One to your phone - How to connect to a Saphe

Open the Saphe Link App and go to Menu (the 3 bars in the top, right corner)

Go to Sound and Alarms, it will look like this: 

Choose one of the many alarmtypes, for example Mobile speed camera as shown below:

Under Saphe device you press Test Alarm. If your Saphe is connected and working, it will now play a test alarm.

Other options

If you can't go to the menu, you can also hold down the blue button on the Saphe for about 2 seconds. It will give a little beep and you can after let go. If it is connected and working, it will give a siren sound. 

If it sounds at the test alarm, but still not when driving you can try to replace the battery - Battery and battery change

If your Saphe doesn't give any sounds when pressing test alarm, or holding down the blue button, please contact support

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