Move subscription from one device to another

It is possible to move a Club Saphe Premium subscription from one Saphe device to another.

There can be different reasons to moving a subsription:

- You have a new Saphe, that needs the subscription

- You have more than one Saphe device, that needs the subscription, but don't use at the same time, and for that reason only needs one subscription

The only thing you'll have to do, is connecting to your device, that needs to have the subscription.

When this is done, you will be asked to create or move a subscription.

If you don't see this button, it is either because you dont have a subscription yet (Create a subscription) or that you need to scroll down in the menu.

Press on "Move subscription". You will now be transfered back to Devices.

Here you will see the device, that you have moved the subscription to under "unknown/other devices". Press on it again and your device will now connect.

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