After an update of Samsung phones, several Samsung users find that Saphe Link does not work when the screen turns off.


To resolve this issue, the app must be allowed to use location and Bluetooth in the background. When the screen is turned off on the phone, Saphe is placed in the background of the phone, so in order for the app to stay connected to your Saphe and find your location so you can get alerts, the app must be able to access the location and Bluetooth in the background.


  • Go into settings on the phone
  • Go into Apps
  • Find and press "Saphe Link"
  • Press "Permissions"
  • Choose Location and allow the app to use location in the background
  • Now press "Bluetooth" and do the same here

Now the app should work again.

Still problems

If you are still having problems, try:

As the options vary from Samsung to Samsung phone, we would love to hear from you if you have found another solution or have corrections to our guide.