More and more drivers are getting the opportunity to use either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in their cars. This allows them to see what's going on, on the phone without having to look at the phone. In order for the Saphe Link app to be used on these platforms, a special version needs to be developed for them, so the Saphe Link app may not work properly if you use it at the same time as one of these systems - however, Saphe Link is intended to support both in the future.

If you use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with the Saphe Link app, you may find that the speed does not match the car's actual speed or isn't shown at all. The reason for this is that as soon as you plug the cable into the phone, either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto turns off or weakens the GPS signal on the phone, and Saphe Link relies on the phone's GPS signal. This can result in the speed not being displayed correctly or that you don't get alarms when you ought to.

We have seen examples of Apple CarPlay where it has helped to update Apple CarPlay itself, which is done at a car repair shop, but we cannot guarantee that it will fix it.

We have seen no solution for Android Auto yet.