Saphe Drive is our second traffic alarm for cars, and it is the only traffic alarm that has a screen, and thus can show which alarms are received and how far away they are - among other features.

Download the Saphe Link app

First you need to download and install the Saphe Link app on your phone to use your Saphe Drive traffic alarm. You can download the app here:

Turn on Saphe Drive

To turn on your Saphe Drive, press and hold the center button for 1 second. When turned on, the screen will display "saphe drive" until it is connected.

If you need to turn off your Saphe Drive, click here.

Connect Saphe Drive and phone

  • Go to the app > Menu > Devices
  • Click "Saphe Drive" under "Unknown Devices"
  • Your phone will now pair with your Saphe Drive. When this is done:
    • Your Saphe Drive will be under "Paired Devices"
    • It will say "Connected" at your Saphe Drive (on the phone)
    • Your Saphe Drive will show your speed (on Saphe Drive)

Learn more about Saphe Drive