This could be a defect in your Saphe, but there might be a quick fix for it:

If you have a Saphe One:

  • Connect your Saphe One to your phone and press the blue button until you hear a single "beep", then release the button. It should now make a siren sound.

If you have a Saphe One+:

  • Connect your Saphe One+ to your phone
  • Open the app and go to Alarms in the Menu and try to change alarm sound on your Saphe One+
    Set alarm sound on your Saphe One+ or Saphe Drive
  • If your Saphe One+ plays the sound, it should be fine

If the issue is not solved by this, you can try this:

  • Remove the battery and put it back in

Finally, try this:

  • Replace battery on your Saphe One or One+:
    Battery and battery change
    This should only be necessary if your Saphe:
    • Is more than 2 years old
    • It sometimes flashes red without sound
    • It is very slow to connect
    • Losing connection from time to time

If none of this solves the challenge then contact support