What is a log file?

Log files are files that contain information about activities in the app, that is, we can e.g. see there whether alarms have been given, when, and where.

The log file is associated with the specific app and therefore does not provide any information that can identify the user of the app and is used solely by Saphe to find any issues and errors so that they can be rectified.

Send log files

In the Saphe Link app you can set the app to automatically send log files, so that Saphe can continuously be notified of problems and errors. This does not mean that if a fault occurs to the user, Saphe will know it right away, but it does allow Saphe to investigate the error once we become aware of it. It is also possible to manually send log files by going into the menu in the app > "Information" > and pressing the "Send" button.

If Saphe support asks for log files

If you have been asked to send log files by Saphe support, it is because we want to investigate if something might have gone wrong in the app that has caused the problem you have addressed. In that case, in addition to the log file, support must also have the User ID found in the app, where you will also find the "Send" button.

Mangler billede

Next, we would like a date and time for when you last experienced the problem, so that we know where in the log file we should look for the incident.